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We’ve been in the commercial printing business in Portland, Oregon for over 60 years and we’re constantly working to upgrade equipment, capabilities and technology. We’re proud to say that our printing presses, software and staff are top of the line. Whether you’re a local in Portland or from anywhere around the globe, our knowledge, customer service and commitment to our clients will bring you back for your custom printing projects again and again. From simple one and two color business cards to full color brochures and catalogs, we’ll get your printing done right – the first time! Girl with Express Color Business Card
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Express Color prints economical, high quality folding cartons!
Customer Service Representative We are here to help – if you can’t find what you’re looking for, or would like a custom quote, simply call 800-388-8831 or email us. We’re here and we look forward to hearing from you! Also, check out all our resources in the tabs above – from general print pricing, to environmentally friendly printing options, to free printing templates, to file prep information that help your projects flow smoothly through our shop! Go Green! Sustain, Renew, Recycle! Express Color uses soy based inks, renewable energy, and offers many papers produced from sustainable forests and made with 30-100% recycled content!
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